New Publications


We happily present new additions to the LinXis scientific portfolio

To create our Fibrobody-drug conjugates, we use our unique Lx linker technology in a process that entails two key steps. First, the drug is coupled to the Lx linker to produce a highly stable and storeable intermediate in a fully scalable process. We described this process earlier this year in the high-impact journal Green Chemistry. In the second step, this drug-linker complex is conjugated to the desired fibrobody or antibody in a highly efficient, easily scalable, and general bio-conjugation process. In our recent work, which was recently accepted for publication in the renowned journal Angewandte Chemie, LinXis' Head of Chemistry dr. Eugen Merkul reveals the optimization of our conjugation process, accompanied by novel chemistry and a multigram scale synthesis of a lead conjugate, whose favorable properties were confirmed in in-vitro and in-vivo studies.

We believe that image-guided drug design is crucial to succesful development of targeted therapeutics. For this reason we are extremely happy to be based in the Amsterdam Imaging Center, and to have Guus van Dongen on board as our new CSO. In his recent paper in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, titled “The navigating and de-risking role of 89Zr-immuno-PET in the development of biopharmaceuticals”, Guus and colleagues of the Amsterdam University Medical Center review the power of PET imaging for efficient development of biopharmaceuticals. Not only does PET imaging allow visualization and quantification of the drug in the living body - effectively privoding visual proof that the drug effectively travels to the target organ, it may even be used to accurately monitor whether the drug is curing the disease - without requiring a single drop of blood. 

These publications underline our vision and strategy in the development of effective Fibrobody-drug conjugates for the treatment of fibrotic disease.

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Guus van Dongen joins LinXis as Chief Scientific Officer


We are happy and proud to welcome Guus van Dongen as our CSO.

Next to his full Professorship at Amsterdam UMC at the Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, Guus has been involved in the profiling of LinXis strategy and technology from the moment the company was conceived. In the role of CSO, Guus further extends his invaluable input to the LinXis team. His outstanding expertise in the image-guided development of targeted drugs, his expertise in (clinical) development of monoclonal antibodies and antibody conjugates, and his extensive network of collaboration including many of the top-20 pharma companies, provide LinXis with a solid base for success.

Guus was pivotal in the recent realization of the Amsterdam Imaging Center  - an award-winning facility in which all disciplines required for image-guided drug development - from organic tracer chemistry to clinical diagnostics - are unified under one single roof, soon to be joined by the LinXis scientific and technical teams.

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Towards targeted therapy for the treatment of fibrosis


By developing first-in-class targeted medicines for the treatment of fibrosis we are sailing into uncharted waters

We have previously validated our proprietary Lx® linker technology in the field of targeted cancer therapy. In a similar way, we are now aiming to unlock the potential of existing and highly potent medicines by applying them in a smart, targeted way - to silence the specific cells that drive fibrotic disease. The know-how of our expert team, our unmatched infrastructure, and our proprietary technology platform provide us with all we need to successfully develop this first-in-class approach.

We aspire to be the world’s first and only Fibrobody-drug conjugate company. Our unique proposition combines our Lx® Linker platform with the Fibrobody™ concept. These two proprietary technologies combine to enable the development of so called Fibrobody-drug conjugates. Because our approach leverages the potency of existing medicines using our own technological advancements, we believe effective treatments can be developed exceptionally fast. With our fibrobody-drug conjugates, we can offer real hope to millions of patients worldwide.

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IP position


LinXis continuously works to strengthen its intellectual property position.

Our patent applications cover Lx linker technology as well as Fibrobody technology and their use in a wide range of fibrotic diseases, with two filings in the last year.

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