We target the cells

that drive fibrosis

​​​​​​We are the first to develop Fibrobodies® and Fibrobody®-Drug Conjugates to diagnose and combat liver fibrosis and other fibrotic diseases


Activated myofibroblasts play a pivotal role in fibrosis. To reach these cells, we designed Fibrobodies®. These proprietary and first-in-class proteins bind selectively to activated myofibroblasts in fibrotic tissue.

Fibrobodies® can be equipped with virtually any ‘payload’, unlocking various possibilities to diagnose and treat fibrosis.

Fibrobodies detecting progression at different stages of experimental liver fibrosis (PET-CT) - Mouse over to see immunohistochemistry

We are tackling a growing health concern

Research points to long-term growth in a multitude of fibrotic illnesses.

Long term growth

Potential to diversify and maximize impact

Fibrobodies serve to treat various fibrotic indications by targeting drugs to liver, lung, kidney, or even certain fibrotic cancers

Liver fibrosis

Kidney fibrosis

Lung fibrosis

Fibrotic cancers

About us

Our team of dedicated scientists have broad experience in targeted drug delivery. Within the Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center, we have access to state-of-the-art facilities including radioactive tracer production facilities, chemical and biochemical laboratories, preclinical facilities, and preclinical- and clinical Imaging equipment (PET/CT, PET/MRI).

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LinXis is always open to possibilities that could support our company and our pipeline.

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Reach out

LinXis is always open to possibilities that could support our company and our pipeline.

Amsterdam UMC - Imaging Center

Our facilities

Our scientific and technical staff are located in the Amsterdam Imaging Center: an award-winning facility in which all disciplines required for image-guided drug development - from organic tracer chemistry to clinical diagnostics - are unified under one single roof.