Guus van Dongen joins LinXis as Chief Scientific Officer


We are proud to welcome Guus van Dongen as our CSO.

Next to his full Professorship at Amsterdam UMC at the Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, Guus has been involved in the profiling of LinXis strategy and technology from the moment the company was conceived. In the role of CSO, Guus further extends his invaluable input to the LinXis team. His outstanding expertise in the image-guided development of targeted drugs, his expertise in (clinical) development of monoclonal antibodies and antibody conjugates, and his extensive network of collaboration including many of the top-20 pharma companies, provide LinXis with a solid base for success.

Guus was pivotal in the recent realization of the Amsterdam Imaging Center  - an award-winning facility in which all disciplines required for image-guided drug development - from organic tracer chemistry to clinical diagnostics - are unified under one single roof, soon to be joined by the LinXis scientific and technical teams.

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