Towards targeted therapy for the treatment of fibrosis


By developing first-in-class targeted medicines for the treatment of fibrosis we are sailing into uncharted waters

We have previously validated our proprietary Lx® linker technology in the field of targeted cancer therapy. In a similar way, we are now aiming to unlock the potential of existing and highly potent medicines by applying them in a smart, targeted way - to silence the specific cells that drive fibrotic disease. The know-how of our expert team, our unmatched infrastructure, and our proprietary technology platform provide us with all we need to successfully develop this first-in-class approach.

We aspire to be the world’s first and only Fibrobody-drug conjugate company. Our unique proposition combines our Lx® Linker platform with the Fibrobody™ concept. These two proprietary technologies combine to enable the development of so called Fibrobody-drug conjugates. Because our approach leverages the potency of existing medicines using our own technological advancements, we believe effective treatments can be developed exceptionally fast. With our fibrobody-drug conjugates, we can offer real hope to millions of patients worldwide.

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